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Cosmos Sport provides visitors / users of the site www.sportsfactory.gr a rich collection of e-commerce services, in accordance with the provisions of existing domestic legislation (Decree 131/2003) and EU law. In the pages of www.sportsfactory.gr forms of advertising. The existing and any new services included in www.sportsfactory.gr subject to these terms of use, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


The visitor / user is responsible for access to www.sportsfactory.gr services and the access may require payment of fees to third parties (eg service providers internet, charging time in internet). The visitor / user is solely responsible for payment of related fees. Also, the visitor / user is solely responsible for his personal technological equipment , which gives him access to www.sportsfactory.gr services



If the visitor / user wants to register in the service/s of www.sportsfactory.gr agrees to: a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about the data requested by the relevant www.sportsfactory.gr Requests for access to content / services and b) maintain and thoroughly inform the registration data to keep true, accurate, reliable, current and complete.




www.sportsfactory.gr provides users with membership services, after accepting the terms of use of the site and completion of their registration. Once the visitor / user completes the registration process set by www.sportsfactory.gr, will receive a personal confirmation code (password) to access and use of the name (user name) that he would appoint. Members remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under your personal password, name, and generally use their account (user account). Members agree to immediately notify Cosmos Sport for any unauthorized use of their account and any action and / or potential security breach. Also, members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and formal exit from their account at the end of each session (Logout). Cosmos Sport is not responsible for any damage or breakage resulting from the inability of States to respect and follow this provision.



Cosmos Sport reserves the right to modify and / or discontinue temporarily or permanently, part or all www.sportarena.gr services by notifying or not the users / members.

NOTE: The member's account automatically will be deleted after 6 months of nonuse any service. After deleting the "www.sportsfactory.gr username (User ID)" it would be released so it can be bound by any new member.




The user / member understands and accepts that Cosmos Sport reserves the exclusive right to discontinue the use of the access codes to services and / or to discontinue the availability of content to users or members who believe they have violated the letter and the spirit of these terms of use.




Cosmos Sport has no responsibility for the communication of the user / member with the third party service providers who are advertised on www.sportsfactory.gr and for any commercial transaction that may arise from their relationship.




Except for specified exceptions (copyright of third parties and affiliates), all www.sportsfactory.gr content, including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and all the files on this website are copyright, trademarks and service marks of Cosmos Sport are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international treaties. Therefore, none of them cannot be wholly or partially subject to sale, copying, reproduction, republication or downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.


Excluding the case of saving a single copy of the contents to a personal computer for personal, non-commercial use and without deletion of the indication of origin from www.sportsfactory.gr, without affecting in any way on intellectual and industrial property. All other products or services listed in the pages of this website bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, partners, associations and publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore they bear the responsibility. The user / member understands and accepts that he has no right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and / or commercially exploit in any manner all or part of the contents of www.sportsfactory.gr.




www.sportsfactory.gr contents are provided "as is" without any warranty expressed or implied in any way.

Sports Cosmos Sport is not guaranteed that the pages, services, options and content will be uninterrupted or error free. Also Cosmos Sport is not guaranteed that the same or server (servers) which is available to users / members is free of viruses or other harmful components. Cosmos Sport has no warranty for the accuracy, completeness or availability of content, web services, options or results.




Cosmos Sport do not verify the availability, content, politics privacy, quality and completeness of other web sites and pages which refer through "links", hyperlinks or advertising banners on www.sportsfactory.gr. Therefore, for any problem arising during the visit / use, the user should go directly to the respective web sites and pages, which bear the entire responsibility for providing services.

Cosmos Sport is in no way deemed to embrace or accept the contents or services of web sites and pages which refer through "links", hyperlinks or advertising banners on www.sportsfactory.gr or linked to them in any other way.





www.sportsfactory.gr gives to visitors / users the ability to purchase products through electronic commerce applications in accordance with specific conditions that ensuring the protection of personal data which are submitted for the use of these services.

 Access to www.sportsfactory.gr pages / services have no additional cost beyond the currency rates for general access to the Internet, as established by the relevant providers (ISP's) and paid only for them.




 In order to purchase products through www.sportsfactory.grelectronic commerce applications a customer account – state is required to be created, according to the above ("MEMBER ACCOUNT ") definition. Also, a confirmation receipt of the customer orders - State, is conducted by Cosmos Sport by sending an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address (e-mail) that issued to Cosmos Sport during the registration as a customer - State and the account creation. The communication with the customer is setting exclusively in Greek language. Orders and customer orders will be filed by the company and kept in the file as long as required by law to comply with the books and records of traders (KBS - Presidential Decree 186/1992).

In order to offer you Klarna's payment methods, we may transmit personal data during checkout such as contact and transaction data with Klarna, in order for Klarna to assess whether you meet the conditions for its payment methods and to provide you with specialized methods payments. Your personal data is processed in accordance with Klarna's privacy policy.




Under the legislation, the user has the right to withdraw from the market through www.sportsfactory.gr by a declaration addressed to the company «COSMOS SPORT S.A» headquartered in Heraklion Crete, 22 Ikarou Str. within 14 days from the receipt of products.



Transport costs amount to 6.90 euros for orders within Greece, while worldwide shipping cost is 11.90 Euro, and must be borne solely by the customer / member. Transport costs may change due to circumstances (overweight, bulky item, etc.) and finalized with the approval of the customer / user. The cost of products incorporating the respective current tax who lies.




Cosmos Sport reserves the right to modify at any time and without warning, unilaterally content and data which are contained on the www.sportsfactory.gr website and related products available through it.



These terms and conditions of www.sportsfactory.gr use, and any amendments thereto, are governed and complemented by Greek law, EU law and international treaties. Any provision of these terms, contrary to the law ceases to apply and remove from the present, without any affect to the validity of other conditions. This constitutes the entire agreement between Cosmos Sport and the visitor / user  www.sportsfactory.gr pages and services and binds only them. No modification of these terms should be taken into account and be a part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated in it.



Security Statement

Cosmos Sport recognizes the importance of the issue of security of electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods to ensure the maximum safety. All information related to the personal information of users safeguarded as confidential.

Cosmos Sport is using the protocol SSL, encrypted by 256-bit, in order to secure online trading. In this way encrypts all your personal information, including credit card number, name and address, so that they cannot be read or changed during the transfer over the Internet.

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), has been adopted worldwide as the safest protocol for the certification of websites (web sites) to Web users - and to encrypt data between network users and network servers (web servers). An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server (server) be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting personal information during transmission.  In addition, all information sent by the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks whether the data have been changed in transit.

The user information (name, occupation, address, home address, etc.) and transactions for users of the shop are restricted, as in ordinary commercial transactions in the store.

Users in the supply of components in their trade as with this, will be informed by Cosmos Sport and acquiesce and accept the impending data processing this personal data for the purpose of smooth and simple transaction between the parties, as well as the data transmission to recipients who will be specifically identified, officials and cooperated departures with the company in the handling of the contract drawn up. Also in this disclosed the existence of the rights and the right to object to Article 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.



Confirmed that only authorized employees have access to information and transactions only when necessary, eg for processing orders. Generally Cosmos Sport undertakes not to disclose customer information and transactions, unless authorized in writing by them, or in case of a court order or decision of any public authority. Customers personal data can be used exclusively by Cosmos Sport or by departures which are cooperated with this business in order to support, promote and enforce the trading relationship. All documents and electronic data to be exchanged between the parties in the sale will be held by Cosmos Sport. The customer can have access to them if he follows all procedures laid down by Greek law.

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